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Kris G Hariharan is a documentary photographer, cartoonist, illustrator and mixed media artist currently living in Chennai, India. As a photographer, his passion lies in exploring lesser known places, documenting the lives of people and multifarious cultures. Through his pictures he attempts to continuously highlight pertinent stories of social change, in a creative fashion. The cartoonist in him primarily works on digital and mixed media platform tackling environment and political satire, covering stories from around the globe. Pigments meet canvas when he translates his inner thoughts into ideas, resulting in abstract artworks. 

He sees art as visual metaphors and believes they can be powerful weapons to bridge the gap between thought and action among viewers. In the long run, he hopes to educate and transform the collective conscience of millions to action through his work.

For feedback, comments and commission, please contact me Email: krishariharan.artist@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kris.g.hariharan

Twitter: @krisghariharan